Monday, January 13, 2014

street potatoes

made a bunch of potatoes au gratin the other day, now I get to repurpose them! one pan street-style food, super yummy, and uses whatever you have on hand

1 portion of street potatoes with chicken (and pita)
1 thinly sliced chicken breast
1 giant clove of garlic, diced
1/6th or whatever of red onion, diced
curry powder
lime juice
leftover potatoes au gratin (or thinly sliced potatoes)

  • heat the oil on medium, toss in your chicken and the spices, squeeze some lime juice over it too.
  • when the chicken is halfway done, add your onion and garlic
  • after 2-3 minutes, add your potatoes au gratin (it'll break apart, which is a good thing. feel free to seperate it yourself)
  • flip everything every 45 seconds or so, the goal is to get the potatoes nice and crispy

I meant to put mine in the pita, but it broke apart, so I used the pita as a scoop. I recommend it. 

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