Tuesday, November 19, 2013

lime chicken taco... bowls

all I wanted was some tacos. lo and behold, we had no shells. now, I'm not a huge nachos fan--too messy even for me... I'm not an animal, so I decided to turn it into a taco cereal type deal. bear with me.

2 bowls of lime chicken taco cereal

1 chicken breast
3 cloves garlic (super diced)
1/4 onion (super diced)
1tsp salt
1tsp pepper
2-3tsp paprika
1-2tsp cayenne
1/2tsp curry powder
pinch of rosemary
1-2tsp lime juice
handful of cheese or two
can of golden sweet corn
handful of tortilla chips
whatever the hell else you like on your tacos

  • dice up that chicken breast into small pieces, we're talking a cubic inch or less. once your oil is heated, kick the heat to medium-high and throw in your chicken and all the spices, including the lime juice. sautee that beauty for 3-5 minutes, until it's mostly cooked through.
  • add in your diced garlic and onion, and continue sauteeing on med-high heat for another 5 minutes. when you first put the onions in, they're going to release their water--it's cool. let them embarass themselves. keep sauteeing it until the onion-garlic combo loses most of its moisture and is clinging to the chicken. 
  • while this is going on, cook the corn
  • divide your chicken/onion mixture between two bowls, layer with corn, cheese, crushed tortilla chips and whatever else yor heart desires. 
fun fact: you can totally replace the crushed tortilla chips with a taco shell. or you could be brave and turn it into nachos be reversing the layering order. add more veggies, take the onion out, add sour cream or salsa, cilantro if you're a fascist. 

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