Tuesday, November 12, 2013

chicken laksa soup

it should be noted that I'm a finnicky-as-fuck eater. cooking is my way to deal with it, but for those who don't give two shits on how big the onion chunks are, remember that this is just a guideline.

please, fuck with my recipes

with that out of the way, let's get malaysian up in this bitch.

4-5 bowls of chicken laksa soup 
2 chicken breast (diced)
1 large shallot (super diced)
4 big ass cloves garlic (super diced)
1-8 serrano chiles (protip: if you don't like spicy, don't put in more than 2. also super diced)
1 lime (just the juice)
4 cups chicken broth
1 can coconut milk
1-2tblsp of the following:
        black pepper
        fennel seeds
1tsp cinnammon
2tsp sugar

  • throw some olive oil in a pan and heat it on medium. when you or your oil is ready (whichever comes first), throw in the chicken, garlic, shallots, and the italicized spices.
  • stir that shit while it sautees for 5ish minutes--chicken probably won't be done, that's fine. don't be a dumbass and eat it right now though.
  • pour in your broth and coconut milk, add the cinnammon and sugar to the party too. if you're not a huge coconut fan, use half the can or less.  
  • let all the players get to know eachother in a nice, low-heat simmer for a good 20 minutes. don't interrupt. in fact, cover the pan so they get some privacy.
  • squeeze in some lime juice, and your soup's done. 

I happen to have a super sweet rice cooker, which means damn near every meal gets rice incorporated into it. if you're feeling noodles, have at it. if you're feeling both, have at that too. regardless of what starch you use, mix it and the soup only when you're about to eat it (try to store it mixed and you'll have a mushy pile of shit where there once was soup). 

if you're feeling frisky, throw in some other veggies. get asian with it. dial up the spices a notch. add fish sauce. maybe shrimp paste. or cilantro if you're a communist. 

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